StumbleUpon for iOS overhauled with new UI, Activity Center and more

StumbleUpon for iOS overhauled with new UI, Activity Center and more

Content recommendation service StumbleUpon has today rolled out an update for its iOS app in a bid to bring a fresh look and feel to the platform.

Alongside a new UI, there’s a new navigation menu to make it easier to access your likes, lists, interests and followers, and a new Activity Center that plays home to all your notifications. The company said it’s also now easier to create custom lists, and general performance enhancements should make the whole thing quicker to use.


Once seen as a leading player in the social sharing and content space, StumbleUpon (alongside others like Digg) seemed to fall out of favor with users in subsequent years as readers moved to alternative sources of news, like Reddit, and a mass of content recommendation services. Nonetheless, the company is clearly looking to make up ground by keeping atop of its mobile apps – and there’s always the StumbleUpon-owned video recommendation service 5By to keep it in the game too. It says its members stumble an average of 300 items each per month, and that the platform makes a total of over 500 million monthly recommendations.

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