StreamNation launches Shutter to make your Android camera roll truly unlimited

StreamNation launches Shutter to make your Android camera roll truly unlimited

Deezer co-founder Jonathan Benassaya launched StreamNation to the world last year, serving as a platform that lets you stream and share videos and photos directly from the cloud. Shortly after, StreamNation made an interesting move by letting its users upload their own DRM-free (ripped, basically) movies and TV shows to their account, and then lend them to friends and family.

Then in June this year, StreamNation launched a standalone app called Shutter to make your iPhone camera roll truly unlimited with free cloud storage forever. Now, this is available on Android too.

Shutter for Android doesn’t have any settings as such – it’s a basic camera app that you must log-in with using your StreamNation credentials.


Snap a photo, take a video, and boom – StreamNation automatically uploads it to your StreamNation account, deleting any locally stored version in the process.


You can close the camera down and view your local gallery, which makes it easy for you to upload all the existing content shot and captured previously. Here, you can also view all your StreamNation-stored photos in albums, so in effect you’re freeing up your device from photos and videos, while you’re still able to view your media on the device. Offline mode lets you sync a set number of photos to your device too, should you be somewhere sans connectivity.


Unlimited storage on StreamNation usually costs $19/month when billed annually, though you can get up to 20GB for free and then 100GB ($4), 500GB ($9) and 1TB ($14). But if you use Shutter to capture your photos and videos, regardless of what tier you’re signed up to on StreamNation (even ‘Free’), this doesn’t consume any of your alloted storage space.

Why would StreamNation offer completely unlimited cloud storage for all your photos and videos? Well, as Benassaya explained for the iPhone app launch:

“We see Shutter as an entry point to StreamNation. If people are happy with their usage then they will put all their media on StreamNation and convert. It’s as simple as that. There will be no ads or re-sell of any data.”

It’s perfectly simple really. It’s about gaining mindshare and nudging you onto a paid-plan, where you’ll store all your files moving forward. But of course, there’s no obligation to do so.

Shutter for Android is available to download from Google Play now.

Shutter | Google Play

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