Mention turbo-charges its ‘Google Alerts for the social Web’ as it prepares for US expansion

Mention turbo-charges its ‘Google Alerts for the social Web’ as it prepares for US expansion ...

It’s been a while since we last caught up with Mention, a Parisian startup that has set out its stall to reinvent Google Alerts with a cross-platform system allowing users to receive real-time ‘mentions’ of keywords and phrases online, covering social networks, forums, blogs, news sites and more.

Today, Mention is lifting the lid on what it calls a “completely revamped statistics experience,” which includes a handful of new features and design overhauls.

Location, location, location

You’ll now see a new geo-location view of mentions, which lets you drill down into the details of how your global audience is using your tracked terms.

For example, you can take a broad view of where specific keywords and phrases are being used, and whether certain countries are seeing a rise or fall in recent times. It’s worth noting here that it works across 42 languages too, so this is fairly comprehensive.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.05.19 PM

You can then dig down and view things like ‘sentiment’ from each country. So you may perhaps discover that the UK is generally mentioning your tracked words in a negative light, whereas France is doing so positively. You can also see which is the most popular source of mentions, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.06.24 PM

A couple of months back, Mention also launched a big update to its Android app, letting users create alerts for keyword mentions and filter them by type and source.


Mention has also just announced it’s passed 250,000 customers as it gears up to expedite growth across the US. The platform is evolving beyond a so-called prosumer product and into a “media monitoring suite for small and medium-sized businesses,” though it also claims big-brand customers such as GitHub, Microsoft and Asos.

“We’ve seen increasing excitement among customers around Mention’s new features and have realized that they’re using media monitoring not only to manage their brand’s reputation, but also for customer support, lead generation, community management, content development, and more,” explains Matthieu Vaxelaire, Mention’s CEO. ” Our vision is to be marketers’ go-to platform for listening, in real-time, to your audience online in any industry.”

It’s clear that Mention has evolved beyond a simple online alerts system à la Google Alerts, and into a fairly granular analytics tool for anyone. Though there is a basic free plan for one user, one alert and 250 mentions each month, for anything more than that pricing starts at €29/month which includes 3 alerts, 3,000 mentions and 3 users. This goes up to €299/month for more of everything.

Mention was founded in April 2012, and today has offices in Paris and New York. Mention is now looking to accelerate its growth in North America with a big sales and marketing push – 40 percent of its customers are currently in the US.


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