The Waffle app lets you remix your friend’s photos a la the Brady Bunch

The Waffle app lets you remix your friend’s photos a la the Brady Bunch

The photo app space is crowded. There are a few thousand Instagram clones and from there it just turns into a filtery, selfie mess. Waffle is pouring itself (waffle pun) into this heated machine and hopes its four-up remixing of friends photos will set it apart.

The Waffle app starts with a friend sending you a square (called a Waffle) with four square images inside. It looks like a smaller version of the Brady Bunch title sequence. Once you receive that image you can tap on any one of the squares and replace the image with your own and send it back. Thus begins the game of remixing.


The idea is photo engagement. “Snapchat is fun, but one thing that was missing from it was a back-and-forth conversation. It’s hard to have a conversation (like you would with text messages) because everything disappears, so it feels disconnected,” co-founder and CEO Karen Cheng told TNW.

You can send a Waffle to as many friends as you like, but each reply is its own conversation. In the future the team behind Waffle hopes to roll out a group remixing experience so a bunch of friends can all participate in a ongoing photo conversation.

One issue we did run into is that when you invite multiple friends to the app via a Waffle, it starts a group text. If those friends don’t actually know each other it can be a bit confusing. My advice is to invite one person at a time to the app.

The app is iOS only, but an Android version is on the way.

Waffle [iOS]


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