PayPal Here gains support for Android tablets in the US, UK, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong

PayPal Here gains support for Android tablets in the US, UK, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong

PayPal today announced its PayPal Here app now supports Android tablets. You can download the new version now from Google Play in five markets: the US, the UK, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

The app’s changelog explains the update means merchants can now take payments on their Android tablet, as well as Android phone. In addition to the aforementioned regional limitations, however, PayPal doesn’t promise all Android tablets will be compatible.

The changelog lists the following tablets as “verified to work with the PayPal Here card reader”: ASUS Nexus 7″ 2013, ASUS Nexus 10″, ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T, Samsung Galaxy Note 10″, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10″, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10″, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4-7″, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10″, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Sony Experia Z Tablet. If your tablet isn’t listed, that doesn’t mean it won’t work; PayPal just isn’t promising anything.


With that out of the way, if your tablet works, the PayPal Here app should give you the same functionality it does for Android phones. Here’s the official feature list of what you can do:

  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments with PayPal.
  • Manage Items so you can customize your inventory and products.
  • Monitor Sales Activity so you check your sales history and transfer funds straight from the app.
  • Customize your selling experience with the ability to set discounts, taxes and tips.
  • Swipe Cards anywhere so you can make a sale no matter what screen you are in.

Adding support for Android tablets has been a long-time coming: it took the eBay-owned company more than two years to add support. This means businesses finally don’t have to buy an expensive iPad to use PayPal Here: many of the tablets listed above can be purchased new for less than $200.

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