WhatsApp for iPhone gets option to archive chats, trim videos, add photo captions and more

WhatsApp for iPhone gets option to archive chats, trim videos, add photo captions and more

WhatsApp has rolled out a sizeable update to its iPhone app today, despite arriving with a seemingly insignificant “2.11.9” version number.

Rather than a few large changes, WhatsApp has made a bevy of small improvements to fine-tune its experience on iOS. Conversations and groups can now be archived individually by swiping horizontally in the Chats section and selecting the More icon, followed by the new Archive option.


Captions can now be added to photos and videos; at the bottom of the screen where you punch in your message. WhatsApp has also added a dedication camera icon for faster photo-sharing. Not the most inventive additions, but it makes the overall experience faster and more intuitive.


iPhone 5s users can share slow-motion videos for the first time and all iPhone owners have been given the ability to crop clips before sending them to anyone else. Location-sharing has also been improved, with the option to choose whether your position is displayed with a satellite or hybrid map. Furthermore, users can swipe around the map to manually change the location of their pin.

Finally, WhatsApp has added new wallpapers and notification tones to help users personalize their experience. Here’s the full changelog:

What’s New in Version 2.11.9

– Added ability to archive chats and groups
– Add captions to photos and videos
– Added fast camera access button for capturing and sending photos
– You can now share slow-motion videos (iPhone 5s only)
– You can now trim videos before sharing them
– Share Location: add support for satellite and hybrid map views when sharing a location
– Share Location: drop and drag pin lets you share a precise location
– New media auto-download preferences: Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download
– New Wallpapers: Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Wallpapers > Wallpaper Library
– New Notification tones: Settings > Notifications
– You can now attach screenshots when reporting problems

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