Reddit’s AMA interview app is now available on Android

Reddit’s AMA interview app is now available on Android

Reddit this week introduced an app that makes it easy to peruse its treasure trove of interviews with people of note. It was initially for iOS only, but now — two days later — the AMA (ask me anything) app is available on Android too, as Android Police first noticed.

The Android version is much like its iOS cousin. Users can switch between trending, recent and all-time popular AMAs — each one is summarized and laid out to let users of the app skim the questions, answers and conversations that are often buried deep inside Reddit’s website

reddit ama android

There’s no word on whether the app will also come to other mobile platforms, but we’d suggest that Windows Phone and BlackBerry fans don’t get their hopes up on this one.

➤ Reddit AMA for Android

➤ Reddit AMA for iOS

Thumbnail image via Eva Blue / Flickr, screenshot via Android Police

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