Nokia teases a new Web version of HERE maps, focusing on context and discovering places

Nokia teases a new Web version of HERE maps, focusing on context and discovering places

Fresh from its new-found freedom away from the smartphone hustle, Nokia is continuing to ramp things up in the mapping realm, teasing a refresh of the Web-based version of HERE maps.

Earlier this week, we reported that Nokia was finally bringing its HERE maps app to Android, though it will be a Samsung exclusive initially. However, it will eventually be rolled out across all Android devices, and will be returning to iOS too before the year’s out.

Spinning a Web

As it’s still a beta product, you’ll have to register to gain access to the new Web-based incarnation of HERE, but a slew of new features will greet you once access has been granted.

This includes a new ‘hero area’ which provides context-specific information such as time and weather, based on the location you’re looking at on the map (this defaults to your current position).


More generally, HERE is evolving to let you explore areas that interest you, with ‘routes’ and ‘discovery’ gaining equal footing. Indeed, you’ll see different categories at the bottom of the contextual box, covering things like ‘Going Out’, ‘Eat and Drink’, and more. When clicked, these action ‘cards’ that suggest places to go in the vicinity.


What’s perhaps most notable with the new version is that the map always shifts in tandem with your actions, so if you click to view ‘Hatfield House’, it will be shown on the map too. Everything is designed to be visible on the same page.



You may remember that HERE acquired personalized travel planning app Desti back in May, with Desti scheduled to close down on September 3. Well, it’s now September 4, and Desti has indeed closed down.

Nokia and HERE are hinting at what’s to come in the future as a result of this acquisition. For now, the local recommendations are powered by what other users recommend. Moving forward, Desti’s technology means these recommendations will one day be “places that you’ll probably like, based on your own previous decisions,” the company says.

HERE for Android gets a new web companion at

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