Email productivity app Acompli arrives on Android

Email productivity app Acompli arrives on Android

We loved the Acompli email app when it first launched on the iPhone earlier this year, so we’re glad to see it come to Android. The app launched today on Google Play along with new Focused Inbox and Email Scheduling features.

Focused Inbox works similar to Gmail’s Priority Inbox by pulling out emails that it thinks are important, based on your past history. The rest of your emails are sent to an Other section that you can clean out when you have time. Scheduling works as expected, allowing you to bury emails for a set amount of time.


Other convenient features in Acompli include direct calendar integration, location sharing and Mailbox-like swiping actions. The app also provides contact and file management options so you don’t have to jump between apps while on your mobile device. Email’s a necessary evil at this point, but at least Acompli helps us hate it less.

Acompli for Android

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