Endomondo releases an iPhone 5s app for tracking your daily activity

Endomondo releases an iPhone 5s app for tracking your daily activity

GPS fitness app maker Endomondo today released Endomondo Life, a new iPhone 5s app that taps the phone’s M7 motion processor to provide stats on your daily activity.

Similar to Runkeeper’s Breeze, Endomondo Life serves up attractive visuals that sum up your step count for the day. The app also estimates how many calories you’ve burned, based on what it knows about your body type.



The app gives you immediate access to data from the past seven days, which the M7 processor stores and makes available to new apps. You can run the app with an anonymous account if you don’t need to sync your stats, but if you want to switch devices, you’ll need to have a login. Your Endomondo Life data won’t be shared to Endomondo.com’s fitness-centered social network.

Endomondo Life comes a bit late, as the iPhone 5s has been out for almost a year now, but the app should offer a nice addition for existing Endomondo users. The M7 data also really only helps if you carry your phone on you at all times. Most of us probably do, but you’ll end up with inaccurate statistics if you like to go unplugged for your evening constitutional.

Endomondo Life for iPhone 5s

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