Bored of the gym? This iPhone app gives Londoners a curated choice of quirky fitness classes

Bored of the gym? This iPhone app gives Londoners a curated choice of quirky fitness classes

Gyms can be great, but you need to be sure you have the time to regularly visit, otherwise you could be squandering anything up to £60 a month for a membership that does nothing but gather dust. Plus, gyms typically only offer a set type of class at set times, which can get a little tedious. This is where Viva la Vita for iPhone wants to help, offering a curated list of quirky fitness classes available at short notice.

The self-proclaimed ‘YPlan for fitness’ is available in London only for now, given that launching market-by-market (as YPlan did) makes it easier to curate things when resources are limited.

In terms of the activities on offer, there’s everything from chessboxing (this is a thing) and freestyle wrestling, to silent disco and Muay Thai.

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Viva la Vita features between 10 and 20 classes at any given time, pulling on a handpicked shortlist of the best sessions happening today, tomorrow and the rest of the week across the UK capital. Prices and activity durations vary, but you can book directly in-app, and all you do is show a voucher from your screen to the instructor when you show up.

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Viva la Vita is the handiwork of 28-year-old Londoners Styliana Vasili and Konstantinos Aristotelous, who experienced problems unearthing cool fitness activities that were available when they were free to attend. They found a host of “rich, vibrant, exciting and quirky fitness classes”, but they weren’t easy to locate all at once – so they created an app that does just that. The founders managed to raise £35,000 through equity-based crowdfunding platform Seedrs too.

Viva la Vita is available to download from the App Store now.

Viva la Vita | App Store

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