Product Hunt, the ‘Reddit for apps,’ launches on iOS

Product Hunt, the ‘Reddit for apps,’ launches on iOS

Product Hunt, the hot startup that helps you find the best new products and companies, has today launched an iOS app as it announces a $1 million seed round.

If you’re somehow still not familiar with Product Hunt, it’s a mashup of Reddit and Hacker News with the sole purpose of surfacing cool new products from around the world on a daily basis.

The startup has gone from strength to strength, with founder Ryan Hoover recently announcing the team had joined YCombinator.

Now, just a few weeks later, Hoover says that the company has gathered 51,000 active users on its email newsletter, 250,000 unique viewers this month and 1.7 million clicks to products in the last thirty days. If there’s one thing for certain, Product Hunt is getting big, fast.

Product Hunt’s community is made up of early adopters that range from founders to tech journalists and VCs who frequent the comments to discuss the latest and greatest products built by entrepreneurs.

With Product Hunt’s new iOS app, you can now hunt on the go which makes it much easier to be up with the latest and gives the ability to comment/upvote inside the app as well as search for products.Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.47.29 pm

We’ve written quite a lot before today about Product Hunt and how it’s leveling the playing field for startups. With this new funding, the service has an opportunity to continue its growth and hire new staff to build out an already fantastic community.

The site is open for all to visit but requires an invitation to jump into the comments or submit products. Happy hunting!

We’re waiting to hear if an Android app is planned in the future and will update with further details when we have them.

 Product Hunt (iOS app)

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