Drync for Android now lets US oenophiles pay for wine using Google Wallet

Drync for Android now lets US oenophiles pay for wine using Google Wallet

Drync is about as all-encompassing a wine app as you can get, letting you track your top tipples, discover new bottles, create notes, peruse reviews, and even order in-app. Indeed, all you need to do is take a photo of a wine’s label, and the Drync app finds its availability, price, ratings and more.

Having been available for iPhone since the early days, Drync finally arrived for Android back in 2010, and today this version that’s getting a cool new feature: Google Wallet integration.

This makes Drync the first wine app to introduce Google Wallet, as far as we know. The feature was actually quietly rolled out last week at Google’s request, who wanted to ensure the integration was tight and worked smoothly before shouting about it. This latest update to the Drync Android app also introduces a refreshed design and some new features, including Google+ login and social-sharing.


Google’s mobile payment system lets you store bank cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and other cards, though it remains a US-only affair for now. With Drync integration, this now means you can elect to pay from any of your stored cards from within Google Wallet, which should make the ordering process that little bit smoother.

You can grab the new Drync app from Google Play now.

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