Microsoft’s new iOS app lets you keep up with news from your favorite celebs

Microsoft’s new iOS app lets you keep up with news from your favorite celebs

Are you into celebrity news and the owner of an iOS device? If so, Microsoft has you covered with a new app that quietly launched over the weekend.

Snipp3t is a celebrity news app for Apple devices that lets you follow your favorite famous people to get news of their latest activities as it happens. To get started, simply follow the celebs that you want to keep up with… and that’s about it. News is presented in a timeline-style format that mixes updates from those you subscribe to with general “trending” stories from other famous folks.

Microsoft has put a lot of emphasis on media here. Each news event includes multiple media reports, images, high-profile tweets, and even related YouTube videos. The app appears to use data from Bing — as The Verge points out — so Snipp3t may be another test of the company’s capabilities, following its social network, which landed on iOS and Android last December.


The app hooks into Facebook, allowing you to sign in, share stories to the social network, and also find friends and see which celebs they are subscribed to. You can navigate as a guest instead, if you prefer.

The app has been released for iOS first, and only for those in the US. It isn’t clear if/when it will come to Android and Microsoft’s own Windows Phone platform.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for further details about Snipp3t and its plans for the service.

Snipp3t for iOS [US only] | Via TUAW

Headline image via Pierre Andrieu / AFP / Getty Images

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