‘China’s Twitter’ Weibo ups media focus by bringing video recording and viewing to its mobile app

‘China’s Twitter’ Weibo ups media focus by bringing video recording and viewing to ...

Chinese microblogging service Weibo, typically known as ‘China’s Twitter,’ has just introduced video recording and direct video playback to its iOS and Android apps. This comes as a likely move by Weibo to increase user activity on its platform, amid concerns that users are spending more time on rival Tencent’s WeChat messaging service.

Once you update the app, video recording can be easily accessed from the camera feature on Weibo — just slide to get to the video function, and after you’re done with your filming, it sets up a Weibo posting for you immediately.

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A report commissioned by The Daily Telegraph early this year measured the activity of 1.4 million Weibo users over the past three years, concluding that activity has dropped drastically, particularly in the wake of a crackdown on the service during the final months of 2013.

To draw users to spend more time on its platform, Weibo needs to make it more convenient and useful. Other than the latest video features, early this year it also introduced payment options in China.

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