bethere: A new social network to help you have a great night out

bethere: A new social network to help you have a great night out

If you’re on a night out with friends, keeping tabs of where everyone is and where they’re going can be difficult. That’s where bethere for iPhone comes in.

bethere is designed from the ground up to help you socialize with friends better. It lets you share where you’re going to be, and see where everyone else will be too – think of it like ‘checking in to the future’.

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That’s not all – once you’re out, the app prompts you to share a photo of what a great time you’re having so your other friends can be jealous – or maybe even join you.

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You log into bethere with Facebook, which means that you’re tapping straight into your own network of friends right away – getting them all on board is as easy as asking them to download the app.

Beyond your own friends, you can share your plans publicly and see the public plans for others, but don’t worry – everything’s private between you and your friends if you prefer it that way.

bethere is available now as a free download on the App Store. Go give it a try!

bethere [App Store]


This post is brought to you by bethere: the going out network!

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