Cannonball’s smart, visual email client is now available for iPhone users too

Cannonball’s smart, visual email client is now available for iPhone users too

Following its launch for iPad back in October, Cannonball garnered quite a bit of fanfare for its slick email client that sifts out the important messages you don’t want to miss from all those coupons, subscriptions and newsletters. And today, it’s available for iPhone users too.

To recap, Canonball’s subscription management system groups messages together automatically and marks them as read, meaning you can easily delete them in bulk enjoy simultaneously in a magazine-style format.



The general principle behind Cannonball is similar to that of Gmail’s very own auto-filter feature which separates your inbound mail into four categories, each with their own dedicated tab. However, Cannonball groups them by sender and strives to make them more appealing in their presentation.

Cannonball for iPhone is available to download for free now, and it supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and custom IMAP, including Exchange.  Additionally, we’re told an Android incarnation is in the works, but won’t be released until early 2015.

Meanwhile, check out the official Cannonball for iPhone promo skit below.

Canonball | App Store

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