YouTube for iOS now includes auto-generated playlists

YouTube for iOS now includes auto-generated playlists

Google has added its YouTube Mix feature for auto-generated playlists to its iOS app. To be clear, the feature isn’t brand new to the app, but the quiet rollout – as noticed by my colleague Nick Summers – means that it has remained relatively unannounced since launch.

YouTube Mix first launched on the desktop in April 2013. Earlier this year, it also appeared in the Android app. The feature compiles an initial 50 videos for content you’re viewing, and can call up another 50 if you need more to watch.


As the amount of videos on YouTube has ballooned, content discovery has been a major issue. A number of startups, such as and Qplay, have also popped up to give internet video the continuous playback feel that you get from regular television viewing. YouTube Mix is Google’s own attempt to recreate that viewing behavior, and now you can get it on iOS too.

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