Now you can say ‘Yo’ on your Pebble smartwatch

Now you can say ‘Yo’ on your Pebble smartwatch

Some people may think that Yo is dumb, but its one and only use case — letting you say Yo and nothing else — is actually getting increasingly useful. It has been retooled to alert Israelis in the case of missile attacks, used to notify people of goals scored at the World Cup, and now it’s making an appearance on your smartwatch after it landed on Pebble.

“No swiping, talking, or typing. Just Yo,” Pebble’s David Woodland said in a blog post announcing the app’s arrival on its app store. Among the benefits of Yo he listed are that it helps to save time from having to read a message, and is a polite nudge but still gets attention.


Even if you couldn’t really believe it when Yo’s developer raised $1 million for an app that barely does anything, its use as a simple notification alert — particularly as a trigger just like on cloud-based scripting service IFTTT (If This Than That) — gives us hope that the money is being put to some use after all.

➤ Yo: Pebble Appstore

Thumbnail image via Joe Aleman/Flickr

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