Dashlane on the desktop gets new password and note sharing options, mobile to follow ‘soon’

Dashlane on the desktop gets new password and note sharing options, mobile to follow ‘soon’ ...

Dashlane has introduced new features for its desktop password manager that allows you to share passwords with other Dashlane users.

A tool specifically designed to help you share something that you’re always told not to share might seem a bit strange at first, but there are plenty of good reasons you might want to share a password, or a whole bunch of passwords, with a group of people. New starters in the office, for example, are often given numerous passwords to get up and running.

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By using Dashlane’s new ‘Sharing Center’, you can automatically share lists of passwords or secure notes with specified people via email and control the level of access that they have. However, they’ll need to be Dashlane users too – quite obviously passwords aren’t just emailed across. It’s all done safely within the confines of Dashlane’s client.

To keep things up-to-date, if a password is changed after being shared, the change syncs to all users. This makes it handy if you need to change passwords for a shared service regularly, or need to effectively revoke access when a member of staff leaves.

The update has also introduced an Emergency Contact option which allows you to specify a certain person (or people) to have read-only access to passwords you specify in the event of an emergency.

Small businesses or families also now have the option to buy multiple licenses at once, making things a bit more simple in the event that you’re not the only Dashlane user in your house.

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Clearly, with a number of new features aimed at small teams and group pricing plans, Dashlane now wants to now start making its overall proposition more appealing to small businesses as well as family users.

The new features are available now in Dashlane for desktops and will be made available for its Android and iOS apps “soon”, the company said.

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