Minibar now lets New Yorkers beckon booze for delivery on Android

Minibar now lets New Yorkers beckon booze for delivery on Android

Booze delivery service Minibar – not to be confused with another alcohol-related app of the same name – now lets Android-toting New Yorkers beckon booze to their home in less than an hour.

The hitherto Web and iPhone-only app has been open to deliveries in Manhattan and Brooklyn since February, before opening shop for those living in the Hamptons and Queens too. While it originally focused primarily on wine and spirits, it sensibly broadened its horizons to include beer, mixers and other associated items, including ice.


We’re told that since opening for beer delivery last month, its week-on-week sales have spiked, with the average order size increasing by 10 percent last month, perhaps buoyed somewhat by the football World Cup. Deliveries for New York City require a minimum $25 purchase, a figure that rises to $100 for those in the Hamptons.

Now it’s available on Android too, sales will surely soar. And if you ask us, there is still a shortage of slick online booze-delivery services in most cities around the world.

Minibar | Google Play

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