Lettrs now transforms your Android device into a personal writing desk

Lettrs now transforms your Android device into a personal writing desk

Way back in April last year, we brought you news on Lettrs, and app that transforms your iPhone into a personal writing desk, transcriber and post office. And today, it launches for Android users too.

In a nutshell,Lettrs is setting out to revive and reinvent the concept of personal, handwritten letters by making them social. The Web-based incarnation serves as a virtual writing desk to write your letter, with a slew of handwriting-esque fonts and paper types to choose from. When you’re done, you can choose to deliver it digitally – email or the usual social conduits, or send as a physical letter. There is an additional ‘Preserve a Letter’ feature that lets you upload handwritten personal letters too.

As with the iPhone version, Lettrs for Android is basically an extension of this, letting you compose letters digitally and give them an authentic handwriting feel. There are designer themes, location-stamped messages that include photo-attachments, tagging to help you locate all your letters, and more.


Additionally, you can type and even voice-dictate letters, and arrange for them to be posted by mail to anyone.


It’s been nicely designed, and should appeal to anyone with a penchant for handwriting, even though this is merely a font striving to recreate the experience for the smartphone age.

“Personal letter writing was once considered a lost art, but with Lettrs, people are discovering innovation to make that tradition of long form a modern medium again,” explains Drew Bartkiewicz, founder and CEO.

Lettrs is available for Android 2.3 devices and above, and a version is available for Kindles too.

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