Want to create your own live wallpapers on Android? Murtastic has you covered.

Want to create your own live wallpapers on Android? Murtastic has you covered.

Android is well-known for the customization it enables, but what about creating your own live wallpaper from scratch? This is where Murtastic wants to step in and help.

For the uninitiated, live wallpaper essentially provides animated and interactive backgrounds for your Android device, sidestepping ‘static’ for something a little morel lively.

How Murtastic works

From the main screen you can create a new live wallpaper, or edit an existing one you’ve already created. Once in, you’ll see eight self-explanatory options along the bottom – ‘Edit Text’, ‘Text Color’, ‘Text Size’, ‘Wall Color’, ‘Wall Image’, ‘Others’, ‘Add Page’ and ‘Delete Page’.


You can insert any text you like, increase its size, tweak the background colors, insert images and more.


You can add any number of pages to your live wallpaper, and set the interval between the transitions (counted in milliseconds), as well as choose to animate the text. It’s worth adding here that you may also reel in existing wallpapers from your device, to create a mash-up of sorts.



Once you’re done, you hit ‘Finish’, ‘Set My Wallpaper’, and you’re good to go.


There are similar-ish ones available on Google Play already, but Murtastic has certainly been well designed and executed, letting you create short animations for your device. That said, it would be better if you could integrate data-centric applications too, such as clocks, weather, news alerts and so on. That would really take this to the next level. For now, it’s just a fun way to bring a little more personalization to your phone.

The developer also notes that plans are afoot to introduce simple icons and images, as well as a choice of fonts. It would also be nice to see an ad-free upgrade introduced, as you will be subjected to the occasional flash of commercialization when you least expect it.

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