Vine adds ‘loop counts’ to reveal how many times people have watched a video

Vine adds ‘loop counts’ to reveal how many times people have watched a video

Vine is introducing a new ‘loop count’ feature to its website and Android/iOS apps today, revealing how many times a video has been looped. No word yet on whether it will be arriving for Windows Phone users.

It’s an obvious feature to introduce for a service that has burgeoned in popularity over the past year, and apes other platforms such as YouTube which reveal at a glance how many times a particular skit has been viewed. The numbers update in real time too, which will give a good reflection of how many people are watching it concurrently. It’s also worth noting here that if one person watches a video on loop 10 times in a row, this will count as 10 loops – it’s not per-click, or per-viewer.

On the Web version, for example, you can see the magic number at the bottom, along with the other pertinent background information.

The Twitter-owned company has revealed that it has been tracking loops since April 3 this year, so for any Vine published before this date the ‘loop counts’ don’t exist – though a little ‘+’ icon does indicate that the video pre-dates April 3 and thus the true number will likely be (much) higher.

The refreshed iOS and Android apps are rolling out soon, and will also feature a redesigned home feed, with “bigger edge-to-edge videos and a cleaner view of likes and comments.” Other updates include notifications for when your Vine videos pass key milestones, such as 100 ‘likes’.

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Introducing Loop Counts | VINE BLOG

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