This app lets you say ‘yo’ to your buddies. That’s it.

This app lets you say ‘yo’ to your buddies. That’s it.

There’s simple apps that don’t do a lot, but do what they do well. Then there’s Yo, as the FT points out, which takes minimalist concepts the extra mile.

In a nutshell, ‘Yo’ sells itself as a single-button, “zero-character communication tool.” Rather than saying ‘Good Morning’ to your buddies, you simply ‘Yo’ them. That’s it.

Available for Android and iOS, ‘Yo’ requires no email address, or no annoying signing-up process via Facebook – just choose your username, invite friends to join, and you can ‘Yo’ each other via push-notifications all day long by tapping a button.


It apparently took eight hours to build, and the creator – Or Arbel – has upped sticks from Israel to open an office in San Francisco to work full-time on the project, after raising $1 million from investors. Humorously, Or’s only tweet thus far is a clear homage to a certain Jack Dorsey’s inaugural public tweet.

A bit of a bonkers idea you’ll no doubt agree, but you too can get in on the action until the novelty wears thin. We’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more Yos around the Web in the coming weeks and months – until someone creates a ‘Wassssup’ app, that is.

➤ Yo: Google Play | App Store [via The FT]

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