Sunrise now brings Evernote, Songkick, TripIt, GitHub and Asana dates into your calendar

Sunrise now brings Evernote, Songkick, TripIt, GitHub and Asana dates into your calendar

Sunrise updated its beautiful calendar app today with seamless integration for  your Evernote, Songkick, TripIt, GitHub and Asana accounts. If you’re already using these services, it means any time-sensitive deadlines or information will be piped into your calendar automatically, creating a single space to review them all.

With Songkick, for instance, you can add all of the concerts that you’ve confirmed attendance for, or all of the events listed for a specific city. Fans of the note-taking app Evernote will also be pleased to hear that reminders are synced both ways – so if you adjust the time a note is due inside Sunrise, the change will be reflected across all of Evernote’s native clients.


TripIt has jumped on board too, so all of your travel plans will be synced with Sunrise automatically. If you fly regularly for work and have grown tired of copy/pasting details across, this should save you some considerable hassle. Finally, GitHub and team-focused collaboration platform Asana have introduced two-way synchronization for the respective platforms too.

By blending these third-party apps and services in such an effortless manner, Sunrise is pitching itself as one of the smartest and most complete calendar platforms around. With a desktop version and burgeoning Chrome app too, there’s never been a better time to switch.

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