Jelly adds replies to its Q&A app, offering back-and-forth conversations for the first time

Jelly adds replies to its Q&A app, offering back-and-forth conversations for the first time

Jelly, the question and answer app for iOS and Android started by Twitter founder Biz Stone, has broken out of the shackles of its strict Q&A format after introducing replies to the service.

Previously, all communication on Jelly was either a question or an answer in response to said questions, but now users can keep the conversation going to add context or just maintain a dialogue.

Stone himself explains more on the Jelly blog:

People are brimming with extra information, opinions, recommendations, questions about questions, and more. Not everything fits nicely into a formal question or specific answer. So today we’re launching a more freeform way to help share what you know in the form of Replies.

Any answer on Jelly can be replied to and the replies are public. This can help clarify the original question, add more context, turn into a conversation, or, well, who knows.


Jelly launched in January of this year as an answer to crowdsourcing information from your social networks, adding location-based answers in March. While many people — particularly Twitter fans — flocked to the service early on, we suspect that their interest has wavered over the past five months. At least, that’s been the case for many of us here at TNW.

Adding replies will almost certainly boost engagement from those who stayed loyal to the service, while it may also encourage others to return back for a second look or download it for the first time.

What do you think? Does the introduction of replies make Jelly more appealing to you?

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