Preggie for iPhone is a social network for mums-to-be

Preggie for iPhone is a social network for mums-to-be

Preggie is a new social network  for expectant mums. The currently iPhone-only app (Android coming soon) is designed as a platform for mums-to-be to discuss all things related to, well, pregnancy and babies.

Though it can be used as a standalone social network to chat with anyone anywhere in the world, it will also help you hook up with other mothers in your area which could, of course, lead to real-world meetups.

In your personal profile, you indicate what stage of the pregnancy you’re at too, which should go some way towards connecting you with the most suitable online buddies. To sign up, you don’t need to provide any email address or anything (this is optional) – just a username, and your current pregnancy stage. Then, you can peruse posts and begin networking.


Preggie follows most of the same core design principles you’ve come to expect from a social network too, meaning you can share photos, subscribe to specific users, scroll your location-based news feed, ‘Like’ updates, save ‘favorites’, and post comments.


Preggie is nicely designed and is a solid idea, however as with many such apps its success will depend on the number of people using it. Based on our tests, there wasn’t too much activity going on, and this will likely deter people from using it.

However, if it can reach a tipping point, perhaps with a bunch of parenting groups (e.g. NCT in the UK) signing up, it could snowball. And we’re told that Preggie will soon be followed by a companion post-pregnancy app for new mothers too.

Preggie is free to download from the App Store now, with the Android incarnation expected within a couple of months.

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