Boomerang for Gmail adds keyboard shortcuts for all users and new premium scheduling features

Boomerang for Gmail adds keyboard shortcuts for all users and new premium scheduling features

We’ve covered Boomerang for Gmail from Baydin a number of times in the past, but today the company has introduced a range of new feaures available to users on an all-new premium plan, as well as the addition of keyboard shortcuts for users on all plans.

A much sought after option, the newly-added keyboard shortcuts allow users to quickly zip through messages using only keystrokes, which should appeal to people who prefer a keyboard-only approach to email. Best of all, this is available to free users as well as premium customers.

For example, once enabled, pressing ‘b’ while viewing a message opens the Boomerang menu, and pressing Ctrl/Cmd + ‘S’ opens the send later menu – a full list of functions and shortcuts is available via the settings menu.


Alongside the keyboard shortcuts, Boomerang also now has a new premium tier with its own feature set.

Under the new plan (which costs $29.99 per month if you sign up before Friday, or $49.99 thereafter) users get access to Baydin’s new Toolbox, Boomerang Everything and Premium Support options. The latter provides live chat during business hours. If you prefer email support, that option is still available and your message will be routed into a separate channel reserved only for users on this tier.

Boomerang Everything, as its name gently hints at, allows you to set a rule that can be automatically applied to every outgoing message. So, if you want every email that you don’t get a response to within a week returned to your inbox without needing to manually Boomerang each of them, then this can now be achieved.

Baydin said that you can also include read receipts in all your messages using this feature, and thereby set it to automatically return any emails that go by unread (for a set period of time) to the top of your inbox.


The Toolbox is similarly focused on automating tasks within Boomerang. Essentially, it’s a collection of scripts that allow you to do various things, like finding and labeling messages that you haven’t received a response to within a week, for example. There’s also a ‘Boomerang the Web’ script, which schedules an email to remind you to revisit a specific Web page at a later date.

Also announced, but showing as ‘coming soon’ on the subscription page, Boomerang Insights promises to learn how you use email and then provide data and actionable advice on how you could be doing things more efficiently.

The company also promises that its Salesforce and other CRM software integrations (SugarCRM, Zoho, Highrise, Pipedrive, Capsule, etc.) are also nearly ready for release – and that they’ll be available to users on this new premium plan once testing is complete.

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