Sakoos for iOS is a photo-sharing app that answers one simple question: ‘What’s in your bag?’

Sakoos for iOS is a photo-sharing app that answers one simple question: ‘What’s in your bag?’ ...

Bags are mysterious objects. They come in different shapes and sizes, with numerous pockets and compartments to keep your personal belongings organized. Everyone uses them and lots of people, even if they don’t say it aloud, are interested in the same question:

“What’s in your bag?”

Enter Sakoos, a new iPhone app by DigitalRev – an online camera retailer and social network best known for its hugely popular YouTube channel. While camera bags make up a large number of users submissions, Sakoos has blossomed as a place for anyone to show off their favorite satchel, handbag or rucksack.

Just like Instagram, Sakoos offers a clean, minimalist camera user interface to help you capture an aerial shot of your bag. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but the idea is to spread out its contents on a flat surface, making it easier for people to see and comment on them.


Once you’ve taken a satisfactory shot, the app will ask you to specify how many items are in the frame. You’ll then be given a corresponding set of tags, which need to be repositioned over your bag and the objects strewn around it. Before sharing it with the Sakoos community and other social networks, you can give the photo a caption and give a brief description for each item.

As with other photo-sharing apps, there’s a single-column, vertical feed for the people you follow, an inspiration-fueled Discover section and dedicated tab for notifications. As you browse other people’s bags, you can tap on the frame to review the tagged objects, or add a quick comment and ‘Like’ underneath.


The tagging system is a unique feature, but otherwise the design and execution is hardly revolutionary. Nevertheless, if you find yourself asking the question “what do they have in that bag?” this app could earn a cherished slot on your home screen.

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Featured image credit: MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images

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