Reverb brings content discovery app to the iPhone

Reverb brings content discovery app to the iPhone

Reverb, the content discovery app that launched on the iPad in November 2013 is now available for the iPhone. The app surfaces the day’s top news and your own curated content via a word wall that’s easy to navigate quickly.

0519_reverb2The new iPhone app presents content in three categories: Top News, My News and Social News. Top News, as you would expect, shows the top news of the day. My News is a wall that users curate with subjects they have chosen. The articles presented are not necessarily new, but are deemed most relevant to the user’s interests. Social News presents article links culled from a user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

When you tap on a topic, a list of articles relating to that topic are presented. Swipe down to quickly find an article about said topic and read the article in a clean ad-free presentation. If you’re a news junkie, it’s a quick way to see what’s going in the world while still having access to your favorite topics.

0519_reverb3The free app is developed by the same people that brought us the online dictionary service Wordnik. The company presented the iPad version of the app in late 2013 with the desire to “help find and connect the rich associations between words, ideas, content, and people.

The iPad and iPhone apps sync via a Reverb account and article can be shared to social networks or via email and text.

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