Loop brings its contactless mobile payments to Android

Loop brings its contactless mobile payments to Android

Mobile payment startup Loop has added Android support for making contactless credit card payments at retail outlets.

The LoopWallet app acts as a repository for your credit and loyalty cards. When you’re ready to make a payment, you queue up the card you want to use, type in your PIN and then hold your Loop attachment over the retailer’s magstripe reader. Loop’s device then generates a tiny magnetic field that mimics the magnetic strip found on your plastic cards.


LoopWallet requires Android 4.2 or later. It works on most flagship devices from HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola, but a few devices are not supported because of audio jack compatibility issues.

Currently, Loop offers a Loop Fob keychain attachment that plugs into your phone’s audio jack to sync card data. The company is gearing up to release its ChargeCase, a case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s that includes an external battery and Loop’s proprietary magnetic technology.

LoopWallet for Android

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