Swipe your way to a more fashionable you with the Nuji iPhone app

Swipe your way to a more fashionable you with the Nuji iPhone app

Keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends can be exhausting. Unless you have your own stylist or access to a friend whose entire life revolves around the next look, you’re left to your own off-the-rack devices.

0513The Nuji app for the iPhone wants to help you look better. And not just you, your home as well. Instead of dropping you into a sea of pants, shirts, and skirts and letting you figure out which looks best, the selections for Men, Women, and Lifestyle are curated. Pick a list and swipe up to see a collection of clothing and other items that could potentially fit into your new fashionable lifestyle. All items include  the name of the store they are available in and a link to purchase the goods.

The app’s infinity scroll is a nice way to quickly ignore items you don’t want while on the hunt for clothing. Find something you like and swipe right to save to a list. Need a second opinion? Wwipe left and send the item to a friend via email or SMS. Tap on the + button in the share area and you can continue shopping and add additional items to be shared to friends.

For even more curation, the app features the Editor’s Picks, Top Stores, and Top People. The Top People are designers from all over the world you can follow. Their picks are added to your feed while the main Men, Women, and Lifestyle feeds continue to be curated for the masses. And while you can invite friends via email and SMS, there is no in-app ability to search for your friends that may already have an account to add to your feed. It would also be nice to have an area where friends can see what you’ve purchased so you don’t end up at a party in the same outfit. Fortunately, there’s a site version of the service that gives those without the app on their iPhone or are using an Android phone access to your picks.
T0513_nuji2here’s another reason to the use the Nuji site. While you can shop from within the app, using a desktop browser offers a more robust experience. With 40,000 stores including Amazon.com, Urban Outfitters, and J.Crew and over six million products from around the world being showcased by Nuji, that extra bit of screen real estate is helpful when you’re trying to figure out just how much a shirt cost when you have to factor in international currency exchanges.

Still, if you’re trying to step up your game, the Nuji app is a great way to quickly browse what the fashionable people of the world are currently wearing and pick your own style without being bogged down in garment overload.

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