Namez helps you avoid the embarrassment of mispronouncing names

Namez helps you avoid the embarrassment of mispronouncing names

Namez, a new platform for helping you avoid the social faux-pas of mispronouncing someone’s name, has launched out of beta today.

We’ve all been there, you’re about to walk into a meeting and you realize you’re not exactly sure how to pronounce the name of the person or company you’re meeting. It’s exactly this problem that Namez is aiming to solve.

Now fully-launched following an four-week beta period, Namez is ready to start accepting user-submitted recordings, and there’s already a database of some well-known figures from the world of politics, bands, historical figures, animals and more.


In addition to the Web platform, Namez also offers a widget that allows you to record your own name and insert the Namez play button in your own site, emails, CV or pretty much anywhere else.

The company said it is also planning to open up an API for the platform, which will allow other sites and services (think social networks, movie databases, travel sites, etc.) to embed the Namez audio system.

Right now, the true usefulness of Namez is yet to be seen; the key will lie in building a significant database of names (and users) in a short amount of time. If you failed to find what you were looking for repeatedly, would you return or recommend it to friends?

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