Want real-time alerts for all your favorite sports? Check out Score Alarm for Android.

Want real-time alerts for all your favorite sports? Check out Score Alarm for Android.

As we approach the end of another football (soccer, if you must…) season, and the World Cup is almost upon us, how do you plan to keep tabs on all the key moments in the vital games? Well, Score Alarm for Android is one option.

Though there are other great apps for tracking specific events within each match such as One Football, and BBC Sport also recently rolled out push notifications for goals and results, Score Alarm goes the extra nine yards by letting you set alerts for red cards and lineup announcements across more than 540 leagues and tournaments globally. But perhaps more importantly, it goes far beyond football by letting you set reminders and alerts for 19 sports – including snooker, basketball, ice hockey and tennis.



It’s a really great, detailed app that also delivers in-event stats, news, head-to-heads, videos, and other fun facts.


Though there is an iPhone incarnation, developer Ivan Klarić tells us that it’s an older version and doesn’t represent where he wishes to take the app – in other words, it lacks the bells-and-whistles of the newly-launched Android app. You can expect to see a large update on the iOS front within the next few months.

Score Alarm | Google Play

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