ReSnap retools its print-on-demand photo book platform to work with virtually any big data source

ReSnap retools its print-on-demand photo book platform to work with virtually any big data source

ReSnap, a platform for creating photo books from your social media channels in about a minute, has today launched a fully retooled version of its service that it says will ultimately allow users to turn any big data source into a print-on-demand book.

While there are plenty of services for creating a photo book from your social channels, ReSnap promises to be a no-fuss option that automatically selects the most popular images and status updates for your creation; one of its key differentiators to set it apart from rivals that select based on date, location or specific photo sets.

The main difference between its previous platform and the new one is that it is now modular and can link to any big data source to create print on-demand photo books whether that’s a service like Dropbox or a custom database.

Right now, that’s still an aim for the future – the modular aspect of the system isn’t currently consumer-facing, but it provides the potential for the company to keep adding services that its customers ultimately want to see incorporated.


“Any source of big data can be used as input for our system; our algorithms are always able to analyze all of this data and transform it into a print-on-demand product within one minute,” Thomas Beguin, co-founder of the company, said.

In future, ReSnap said it wants to be able to allow users to automatically select from thousands of pictures spread across different databases and automatically select the best 50 in less than one minute.

Thanks to the reworked platform, the company said there’s also now the potential to print onto different materials in the future, such as canvas, cards, or even 3D printing.

And going one step further than some of the others in this space, ReSnap’s system is also available as a white-label product (complete with API and HTML5 editor) so businesses can offer the service to their own customers directly if they wish.

Expanding its potential product range to include potential new data sources and materials is a smart move for ReSnap. With increased rivalry in the area, diversification could help to mitigate direct threats to its core business to some extent.

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