PastBook makes it easier to create and print collaborative photo albums directly from your iPhone

PastBook makes it easier to create and print collaborative photo albums directly from your iPhone

Netherlands-based PastBook has come a long way since since it upped sticks from Milan and closed a seed funding round from its base in Amsterdam.

In a nutshell, the startup offers users a way to capture and relive key moments of their lives that have been shared across a variety of social networks. Those ‘digital memories’ can be printed out in book form, but can also be centralized online, or offline as a PDF file.

In November last year, PastBook rolled out a new collaborative Web-based platform designed to help you manage photo albums in groups. Though PastBook already worked fine as a mobile Web app, we were previously told that the team was working on its first native mobile offerings – and true to its word, today sees the launch of PastBook for iPhone at TNW Europe Conference.

PastBook for iPhone

With PastBook for iPhone, you can add photos from your device or from Facebook, while inviting friends to add and share their own photos too – this can be done using a private link sent via text message, email, Twitter or Facebook.


You edit the photo descriptions and then upload, while anyone can view the album(s) in-app or on the Web. You can then order a printed photo album or download an electronic version (PDF), and PastBook promises free shipping for printed albums.


Based on our initial tinkerings, PastBook’s first foray into native apps is a solid effort. And although third-party integrations are restricted to Facebook for now, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, OneDrive, Evernote, Box and others will be added into the mix shortly – as is the case on the Web.

As things stand, Pastbook offers a very easy way of syncing collaborative photo albums across mobile and desktop – you can start building from your iPhone and finish up on your laptop at a later stage.

Though shipping for printed books is free, you will of course have to pay for the album itself – this will set you back anything from $19 to $92 depending on the number of photos. And if you’re happy with e-versions, well, you don’t have to spend a penny.

PastBook Pricing
PastBook Pricing

PastBook is available to download from the App Store now, and we’re told that Android and Windows Phone versions will be on board by end of the year.

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PastBook | App Store

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