Restaurant finder app Zomato fully revamped with new social skills and FoodFeed

Restaurant finder app Zomato fully revamped with new social skills and FoodFeed

Zomato has launched its fully overhauled Web and mobile apps today in a bid to increase user activity and engagement though more social interaction across the platform.

Where it was once a simple restaurant finder app, the new version brings a wholly refreshed social element into the equation. One of the key updates is FoodFeed, a scrolling list that shows updates from users you follow, as well as restaurant reviews, ratings and more. You can now also filter search results to only display recommendations from people you follow, who are, presumably, people you trust.


With the new social graces come a significant change to the way in which the app works: it’s now mandatory to log-in if you want to use it. In the past, you had the option of logging in using your Facebook or Google account, or creating a new one on Zomato using an email address, but there was also the option to skip it altogether. This is no longer possible. Reviews and restaurants can still be shared outside the app across your normal social networks, but the company has made it easier to invite friends too, clearly aiming at increasing its overall user base.

The success – and weakness – of any platform such as Zomato comes in the trustworthiness of the restaurant reviews and the results it serves up to users. To this end, there’s now has an enhanced anti-spam system to weed out any “evidently manufactured” reviews, and restaurant ratings have been normalised to prevent bias and avoid clustering too many within a certain score range.


On top of adding new features and rethinking its restaurant ratings, there’s an all round revamp of the app to check out. For example, Zomato says it now takes fewer clicks to discover new restaurants and that Londoners can search for recommendation by postcode, tube station or near specific landmarks.

The update is available from today across Zomato’s Web, iOS and Android apps.

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Featured Image Credit – ANA AREVALO/AFP/Getty Images

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