takes its app analytics and CRM platform for startups out of beta takes its app analytics and CRM platform for startups out of beta, a platform for tracking user interaction with apps, is shaking off its beta tag today after more than a year of refinement.

Targeted at tech startups primarily, allows users to track their customers use of their mobile and Web apps in order to find out what works, and what doesn’t – ultimately allowing users to offer a more focused and relevant service by providing feedback on metrics.

As well as providing an activity dashboard, the platform also offers activity funnels and individual customer profiles for focused investigation.


Although the company has been working on for the last year or so in beta, it originally launched without CRM features – focusing just on analytics instead. However, CEO and co-founder of the company Liam Gooding told TNW that the company had initially underestimated its users and quickly pivoted to add new features:

We’d totally underestimated how much SaaS founders saw their CRM and their analytics as the same product, so we pretty much scrambled to push out as many CRM features as we could, such as manually assigning events and properties to a user, logging offline conversations etc… We realised that it wasn’t developers who were using, as we assumed it would be, but instead it was the non-technical marketers and sales teams who wanted to get that level of insight too

The activity funnels are also a more recent addition to the platform, although Gooding says they were always planned, they just took a little longer than expected.


Gooding said that chose to target tech startups initially as they often have large amounts of data, but don’t necessarily know what to do with it.

Our mission is to enable startups to focus on their customers by providing an actionable analytics platform that’s usable by the whole team. Marketing want to know which traffic sources convert the best, Product want to know which features are getting used the most, Sales want to know who’s ready for an upgrade and Customer Success need to know who’s struggling and maybe thinking about cancelling. is a way to find answers about your customers, regardless of who’s asking the question.


Alongside the official launch of the platform, the company announced that it had secured $150,000 in funding from Kima Ventures.

Analytics and CRM is an area often dominated by large enterprise companies (with considerably more investment behind them) or specialized services like Mixpanel or KISSMetrics. Gooding said that in future, will be competing with other companies like Totango and Gainsight, but that his platform had the advantage of being far cheaper – pricing for ranges from $49 – $299  per month depending on the number of users the product has.


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