ChoreMonster 2.0 lands for Web and iOS, bringing Amazon integration and new interactive monsters

ChoreMonster 2.0 lands for Web and iOS, bringing Amazon integration and new interactive monsters

ChoreMonster, the platform that wants to encourage your kids to do their household tasks by rewarding them for achieving goals, has today released a major update for its Web and iOS apps that brings new features and makes the platform completely free for the first time.

In brief, it allows children to earn points by completing chores to work towards goals set by parents, like an hour of gaming or TV time, or something larger like a family holiday.

Based on feedback from parents, the company tweaked some of the features for the second iteration. For example, the previously subscriber-only Monster Carnival is now free to all. The Monster Carnival feature is another carrot to encourage kids to do their chores – for each task completed, they get a ticket to the Carnival where they can win and collect monsters in the app. There are more monsters now too – 250 or so and counting – with new ones being added each week. The company said the monsters are now more interactive and fun to play with.


Scheduling chores according to the day should be easier now too and there’s a new ‘points boost’ option so that parents can reward children for something they did outside of ChoreMonster. Rounding off the new features is a ‘Brag Bar’ where parents can post their child’s ChoreMonster achievements on Facebook or Twitter.

Newly-added Amazon integration makes searching for and adding rewards directly within the app a whole lot easier too, ChoreMonster said. When the child has enough points, they can then exchange them for the reward, at which point it will be shipped from Amazon.

In addition to all the new features, ChoreMonster now supports more languages: French, Spanish, Italian, and German, in addition to English.

ChoreMonster was always available on the Web, iPhone and Windows 8, but there’s now support for iPads too, and there are new apps on the way for Android devices, Kindle Fire and Nook – all of which are said to be arriving in early May.

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