TiVo founders’ Qplay opens its continuous Web video iPad app to all

TiVo founders’ Qplay opens its continuous Web video iPad app to all

Qplay has moved its Web video aggregation app for the iPad into general availability, following an early adopter period that limited the app to owners of its set-top box.

While the Qplay service is designed for optimal use with the company’s $49 TV Adapter, it still works with a standalone iPad app as well. Qplay works by generating personalized “Qs” with collections of videos that auto-play like a TV channel.

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Users can curate their own Qs and share them with others, drawing from YouTube, Vimeo and their social media feeds. The Qplay app received an update today that will add new video sources, including Vice, College Humor, Funny or Die, and The New York Times.


Qplay founders Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton know a little something about video, as they were the original creators of the TiVo service.

As the quality of online video has gone up, companies are circling around the concept of making it an auto-play experience similar to network TV. Pluto.tv recently launched a similar endeavor that sorts videos into live channels with a TV guide-like interface.

Qplay for iOS

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