Publishing platform Medium launches a read-only app for iOS

Publishing platform Medium launches a read-only app for iOS

Medium has introduced its first mobile app for iOS today, as it had promised last week.

The app is read-only and allows users to access a range of published articles by first signing in using their Twitter account — which comes as little surprise since Twitter is a major component of its Web platform and, of course, founder Ev Williams also started Twitter too.

After signing in, the app — which is stunningly beautiful with a simplistic UI — ‘hand-picks’ a reading list based on the people that you follow, popular stories and any Medium collections that you are subscribed to on the Web platform. As on the regular Medium site, stories are grouped into collections like “This Happened To Me,” “Better Humans,” and “We Live In The Future” to help content discovery.


Williams says the app was developed over a six month period and is designed to be simple because the most difficult part of the company’s work is content, design and software should not get in the way of this.

The app uses swipes to navigate — you can simply left swipe to read a new story at any time — while you can bookmark, recommend, and share your stories on social media. When a user has recommended a story to you, their photo is shown next to it because “you can trust the people you know to help find the stories that matter to you.”

If you’re a Medium regular, or just a person who enjoys reading, then we’d recommend that you check the app out — even though, for now at least, it is only for consuming content. There are no details on when (or indeed whether) a version is coming to Android.

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