Starbucks updates its iPhone app with ‘Shake-to-Pay’ and digital tipping in the US

Starbucks updates its iPhone app with ‘Shake-to-Pay’ and digital tipping in the US

As promised, Starbucks has updated its iPhone app so coffee lovers can tip their favorite baristas in the US. Once users have ordered a fresh cup in store, they’ll be able to tip the person who took their order for up to two hours after the payment was processed.

Screenshots show three different tip denominations – $0.50, $1.00 and $2.00 – alongside a timestamp for when the digital tipping feature will become unavailable. Starbucks also says that iPhone users will receive a push notification after each eligible transaction, presumably to remind them that they’ve been to a store that accepts the service.


To help customers navigate the app with greater efficiency, Starbucks has also added a ‘shake-to-pay’ feature which, as the name suggests, will immediately bring up the barcode needed to pay at the register.

The updated iPhone has been given a significant redesign too, with a new dashboard that shows users their current rewards level, inbox messages and recent transactions. Reward milestones can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter, for those who feel their Starbucks obsession is worth shouting about.


Drawing from other social networks, Starbucks features a combined account history section for reviewing purchases, earned stars and unlocked rewards. For anyone that wants to track their spending and what they’re receiving in return, this will be the place to check in.

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Image Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

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