Sonos announces a revamped app, with the Android public beta available now

Sonos announces a revamped app, with the Android public beta available now

Sonos has been leading the charge into wireless music for a while now, and its app is a natural companion to its speakers. It lets users stream different music in every room, add songs to the queue from any music service and save as a playlist, as well as customize alarms to wake up to every day.

However, we previously noted one major drawback with the Sonos setup — the lack of updates for its mobile controller app — making it look dated and confusing to use at first, since the last visual overhaul was back in 2009.

It’s therefore a welcome change for Sonos to be rolling out a new app. The app has been rebuilt from the ground up, sporting a refreshed design and simplified interface. The app’s three main modules now allow users to easily navigate between the music currently playing, what room it’s playing in, and how to find the next song they want.

The Sonos app has also now brought together all the streaming services under one umbrella for easier searching, or what it calls universal search. When you search for an artist in one window, the app will search for that particular artist across all your music services at the same time. You can now also click on a service to get a full description before you press play.

Android users of the Sonos app can get their hands on a public beta right now by logging into their account on Sonos, and it will be available on iOS later this Spring.

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