Instagram for iOS app gets a slider for its ‘Lux’ enhancement tool

Instagram for iOS app gets a slider for its ‘Lux’ enhancement tool

If you’ve tried the Lux filter in the Instagram for iOS app before, you’ll know that its effects can be quite harsh and overbearing. Today, the app has been updated with a custom slider so that you can tweak the intensity of the effect.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Once you’ve taken a picture or selected a photo from the Camera Roll, you can tap the Lux icon (denoted by a half-filled sun) and then drag the slider as needed. Moving it to the right increases the vibrance and details in the shot, while moving it to the left reverses the effect.


While Instagram is still considered the go-to mobile app for sharing photos, its editing credentials are being challenged by alternatives such as VSCO Cam, EyeEm and Snapseed. The Lux slider is only a small update for the iOS app, but it’s a welcome one nonetheless. We expect it’ll arrive in the Android app soon.

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