Amazon launches a dedicated iPhone app for sellers, but it’s US-only for now

If you frequently use Amazon to sell things, then you may be pleased to know the e-commerce giant has just launched a dedicated mobile app for this very purpose, as unearthed by TechCrunch.

However, the aptly-titled Amazon Seller app is only available for iPhone users in the US for now, and there’s no word yet on when this will be rolling out to other platforms either, though Amazon did say to “stay tuned” for more details on both these fronts.

At any rate, the app lets you list items for sale, contact Amazon for seller support, and respond to customer questions. You can also check current prices, sales rank, and reviews, by using text-based search or scanning barcodes.

Additionally, you can estimate your profitability prior to selling an item – to do this, you enter the cost data and Amazon tells you how much you’ll make after your fees have been deducted.


For many, this app will have been a long time coming, though as noted already this is still very limited in its availability.

Amazon Seller | App Store