QuizFortune for iPhone brings individual gameplay to the social trivia app mix

QuizFortune for iPhone brings individual gameplay to the social trivia app mix

QuizUp launched its social trivia app to much fanfare back in November, touting itself as the “biggest trivia game in the world,” with more than 100,000 questions across 300 categories. Now, a UK company is looking to capitalize on this excitement with its own take on what a hit quiz app should look like.

QuizFortune sports more than 100,000 questions and 700 quizzes, but in addition to the social ‘play your friends’ element it also has an individual gameplay feature for those looking to flex their mental muscles on their own.

Indeed, QuizFortune doesn’t require you to create an account to go it alone and ‘Play as a Guest’, though if you want to take up the social element and play with buddies, you will have to connect with Facebook or sign-up with email.


You have all the usual subjects you’d expect from a quiz, including ‘Film’, ‘Music’, ‘General Knowledge’ and ‘Sport, and you can drill down into not only specific sports, but also categories within them – such as ‘British Football’, ‘English’ Clubs’, ‘European Football’, and so on. Indeed, this is perhaps one of the app’s downfalls at times – while it definitely has a global appeal, sometimes it seems to have quite a UK- or Euro-centric market in mind.


There’s also the ‘Trending’ pack, which features quizzes on current events – this could be major sporting events such as the World Cup Final, or the Oscars. QuizFortune’s content is frequently refreshed, with the team able to build a quiz and set it live within the app in just a few minutes.


If you do decide to go down the social route, you can choose up to ten friends from Facebook to challenge on any given quiz (so this isn’t all about one-on-one), and create your own personal leaderboard too.

All in all, QuizFortune is a nice app and shows a lot of potential, however I did experience quite a bit of lag when loading quizzes. Sometimes it would take a while to pull the questions in, and other times it wouldn’t load them at all. Such issues should be easy to resolve though.

QuizFortune is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and is available to download for free now. You can buy more questions in-app too, with the likes of the ‘Family Pack’, ‘Social Society Pack’ and more available for $0.99 each.

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