Evernote-linked blogging platform Postach.io rolls out premium tier and introduces new features

Evernote-linked blogging platform Postach.io rolls out premium tier and introduces new features

Blogging service Postach.io, which slots into popular note-taking app Evernote, has rolled out a premium tier for its members at $5 per month, or $50 per year.

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Postach.io, which is currently still in beta, allows you to write posts right from Evernote using a dedicated notebook and lets you set keywords like ‘published’, ‘page’ or ‘avatar’. More than just writing content, the blogging service also hooks into commenting tool Disqus, and supports Google Analytics and Markdown. It allows for custom domains and social sharing too.

The new premium tier gives you the choice of creating as many sites as you like, password protect them, and have multiple Postach.io users post to the same blog, with their own avatars.

Other than introducing the premium tier, Postach.io has also released a bunch of new features and improvements for its users. You now get an option to upload your custom profile avatar or logo directly on the site. This means you can no longer just add a note tagged ‘avatar’, but individual authors can maintain their own avatars in their Postach.io accounts.

Another new feature is the Social Bar — which lets users follow sites that get listed in their dashboard, so it becomes easier to keep tabs on new content. You can also like posts that you find interesting, either from the site itself or from the Discover Feed.


Embed codes have also gotten a revamp — they now use the same detection as WordPress shortcodes, therefore becoming more reliable. Postach.io has also added Flickr single-photo embeds that work with both full and short URLs, as well as SoundCloud and Pixton embed codes.

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