Wonders of Life for iOS takes you on a spellbinding tour of planet Earth

Wonders of Life for iOS takes you on a spellbinding tour of planet Earth

Remember Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe app? The multimedia, 3D beauty that redefined what an iPad book should look like? Well, as we hit the two year mark since its launch, publisher Harper Collins has rolled out the welcome mat for its follow up – Wonders of Life.

The Wonders of Life is optimized for both iPhones and iPads and, as with its predecessor, is based on the TV series of the same name, which was produced by the BBC and aired in early 2013. Based on our initial dabblings, we have to say – it’s pretty special.

The lowdown

In a nutshell, Wonders of Life takes you on a 3D tour of the world, serving up a visually stunning showcase of the coming together of science and nature.

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The app features thirty creatures and habitats, illustrated by more than one thousand images that let you zoom in and get up-close. But it’s the more than 2.5 hours of HD video that really set this apart.

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You can also unlock ‘bonus’ content by creating an account and signing in, which is basically more video. Interestingly, you can also access the full text from the TV series’ accompanying book, also called Wonders of Life.

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Covering everything from freshwater caverns and insects that walk on water, to the Great White Sharks that live around the South Neptune Islands, Wonders of Life really is a treat of an app.

Available now for $1.99/£1.99, Wonders of Life was built by The Other Media, the same team behind Wonders of the Universe, on behalf of publisher Harper Collins.

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