Documents 5 lands with iOS 7 redesign and integration with other Readdle apps on iPad

Readdle launched version 5.0 of its Documents app today for iPhone and iPad, introducing a new iOS 7-inspired design and a simpler workflow between its other mobile apps such as Scanner Pro.

iPad users can now set up and configure add-ons, which makes Documents 5 the central hub for other single-purpose apps that Readdle has developed. For instance, you can quickly open a PNG file from Documents with PDF Converter, change the file type and then access the new copy immediately from the file manager inside Documents 5.

Likewise, you can print anything from inside Documents 5 provided you already have the Printer Pro app installed on your iPad. So while you still need to download all of Readdle’s apps to access all of the tools and features, Documents 5 aims to improve your workflow between them.

Elsewhere, both the iPhone and iPad version of the app have been updated with new tools for organizing files, such as color tags, favorites and background downloads. You can also move files and organize folders with drag-and-drop gestures, just as you would on a PC or laptop.

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